I’m absolutely amazed by how boring, similar and useless most advertising is.

The waste going on is staggering. Wasted money and wasted opportunity.

You could summarize the structure of most ads from small businesses as follows: Company name, Company logo, A laundry list of services offered, claims of the best quality, best service or best prices, offer of a “free quote”, contact details.

It’s basically a name, rank and serial number.

Then they hope and pray that on the very day their ad runs, a prospect in immediate need of their product or service stumbles across it and takes action. This is what I call marketing by accident.

A qualified prospect happening upon the right ad at the right time sometimes results in the happy accident of a sale taking place.

If these “accidents” never happened, then no one would ever advertise. But as it happens the occasional random sale or lead will come from this type of advertising.

It tortures business owners to death because while the ad generally loses them money, they fear not running it because some dribs and drabs of new business have come out of it—and who knows, next week it may bring in that big sale they’ve been hoping for.

It’s like these businesses are visiting a slot machine in a casino.

They put their money in, pull the handle and hope for a jackpot—but most of the time the house just takes their money.

Occasionally they’ll get a few cents on the dollar back which raises their hopes and emboldens them to continue.

It’s time to start marketing on purpose—treating advertising like a vending machine where the results and value generated are predictable, rather than like a slot machine where the results are random, and the odds are stacked against you.

Source: ”The 1-Page Marketing Plan” Book

Author: Allan dib

Why spend money & efforts marketing for your business, then wait for “marketing by accident”?

You might have heard about the concept “Safety First!”, can safety avoid “marketing by accident”?

What if told you that your business can have a sort of safety while spending its marketing budget?

Well, Shree Coin can help you with that, via our advanced platform allowing you to:

  1. Grow your business turnover (do more sales).
  2. Get new customers.
  3. Retain your beloved customers.

In other words: Sharee Coin will help you to attract the right prospects who are willing to take an action by visiting your shop or website with the intent to make a purchase, on purpose, not by accident!

Sharee Coin is a multi-sided collation loyalty platform powered by Blockchain, offering customers money back in the form of coins for their spending within the Sharee Coin network of merchants.

Once your business is a part of Sharee Coin network, you will have access to a dashboard where you can:

  1. Check your wallet balance with details for coins you offered & coins you gained.
  2. See how many new customers you have acquired and/or retained.
  3. Run campaign targeting specific customer segments with validated purchase behavior.
  4. Measure your business growth.

With our advanced property technology, we provide a friction-less experience attaching your POS/website to our platform with min technical interaction, a unique value proposition ensuring a concrete win-win business model.

Check out our website for more information about our solution: shareecoin.com
All you need to do to join Sharee Coin network is to clickSafty Firstand fill out our registration form, then our team will get in touch with you.

Sharee Coin Team.

A new “Secured Shopping & Saving” experience coalition loyalty program powered by blockchain. 


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A whole new “Secured Shopping & Saving” experience Coalition Loyalty program
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