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A new “Secured Shopping & Saving” experience coalition loyalty program

powered by blockchain.


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What is Sharee Coin?

Sharee Coin is a multi-sided collation loyalty platform. Powered by Blockchain, Sharee Coin offers customers money back in the form of coins for their spending within the Sharee Coin network of merchants.


Sharee Coin fits an important gap for online and retail merchants to have a loyalty program with reasonable cost & high efficiency. It is a completely new experience of real time earning & redemption.


When it comes to loyalty programs, customers value flexibility and so do we. With Sharee Coin, customers will no longer have to wait to be awarded points, but will be able to receive and redeem their rewards in real time with fixed value points that we call “Coins”.


Sharee Coin Opens Up the sky...

Sharee Coin allows customers to store their coins in a single  e-wallet for different merchants rather than trying to manage multiple programs for each merchant. 

Our customer data stored in the ledger is secured, structured and abundant. Driven by big data analysis using artificial intelligence (AI). Our customers will get only personalized messages with the right offer, right reward, and in the real-time.


Low redemption rate is a big problem for any loyalty program, having one of these programs is a serious threat to your business. Imagine you install, integrate, operate & pay for a loyalty program where customers are not redeeming and are not actively engaged, the natural result here is inevitable: un-satisfied customers.

On the other side of the river, if you have the right loyalty program where customers are earning/redeeming more points, these customers will be more engaged, spending more money, and will be naturally satisfied with your business.

Sharee Coin Cares About Your Business...

Sharee Coin eliminates time & cost barriers needed for having new loyalty program, or replacing your existing one. With a distributed ledger, costs go low & with our device, integration time & efforts are much less.

Sharee Coin’s AI has a unique algorithm to drive new customers toward your business, resulting in more sales, while maintaining your regular customers with highly targeted offers at the same time. With this lack of friction, your business will grow, sales will increase and you will have more retained & satisfied customers along with acquiring new customers.



The Solution


Sharee Coin provides a solution while allowing a direct involvement in the transaction, paving the way for limitless cross redemption, with no cards or mobile app needed and in the real-time. There is a mobile app for Sharee Coin, however customers won’t need it to earn or redeem coins, all you need is recalling your phone number.

Sharee Coin Platform:

where all our customers' data are encrypted and stored securely over blockchain & distributed ledger, along with merchant’s network list, driven by big data analysis using artificial intelligence (AI).

Sharee Coin Device:

our crown-jewel at customer’s fingertip, offering customers a unique & smooth experience to gain or redeem coins, also offering unique & smooth integration experience for merchants. Customers enter phone number on our device, then we do all the magic form there

Sharee Coin Mobile App:

this where customers have coins balance, e-wallet, transactions log & also where you will receive merchants & offers notifications (if you choosed to receive it)

The Team

A truly rich mix of a deferent industries, coming from deferent multinationals and couple of private business establishments, Ahmed, Hossam & Tamer decided to build a market-gap-fit platform that will disrupt the retail & online markets. With “pain killer” business model powered by high end technologies, granting clear win-win strategy for participating sides on the platform, founding team have strict commitment to deliver tangible value.

Ahmed is a High technology entrepreneur culminates more than a decade of innovative stewardship of the rapid growth at different ICT organizations, MBA from GUC major: strategic management.

Ahmed AbdelAzzim


Hossam After 20 years FMCG sales & operations decided to reflect his MNCs regional markets experience to anchor a company he is passionate about.

Hossam Fekry


Tamer is an Innovative entrepreneur founded his first company when he was 21 years old, applying business acumen converting tech & business challenges to opportunities

Tamer Abdellatif


Roadmap & Timeline

Having our software team & hardware team working around the clock, Sharee Coin plans to have its soft Launch in Q2, stay tuned for more updates on the launch and follow us on Sharee Coin social media channels. Our initial target market is UAE & Egypt for online and retail stores.


May 2019

Online Merchants Pilot Launch.

April 2019

Retail Merchants Pilot Launch.

January 2019

2nd Round of Seed Funding.

September 2018

1st Round of Seed Funding.

April 2018

Beta Version Prototyping.

January 2018

Business Model & Technical Solution Finalized and Accredit.

Wrapping It Up

Sharee Coin… your future “Secured Shopping & Saving” app.

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